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Basics overview

This first chapter of the crossword puzzle tutorial will introduce fundamental concepts to smart contract development in a beginner-friendly way. By the end of this chapter you'll have a proof-of-concept contract that can be interacted with via NEAR CLI and a simple frontend that uses the near-api-js library.

Assumptions on what we're building#

  • There will be only one crossword puzzle with one solution.
  • The user solving the crossword puzzle will not be able to know the solution.
  • Only the author of the crossword puzzle smart contract can set the solution.

How it works#

Example banner

We'll have a rule about how to get the words in the proper order. We collect words in ascending order by number, and if there's and across and a down for a number, the across goes first.

So in the image above, the solution will be near nomicon ref finance.

Let's begin!